“We design to transcend solutions.”


Our projects evolve through the process of “osmosis” where what we design is mediated by what we “see, feel and and experience”. Be it through a hand sketch or a compelling digital space, the “seeing” provokes new ways of thinking and creating. We have developed a conscious mindful process that cultivates an “inner space” of deeper awareness, intention and empathy through which we express and create meaningful settings. We approach our projects as sites of representation, a means to transform our imagination into tangible constructs. Hence, “how” we communicate our ideas, not only to others but more importantly to ourselves, is key to our visual thinking and analysis. We find that through the process of creating our projects, we continuously redefine our preconceived perceptions, roles, identity and methodologies to abide in a realm of limitless possibilities. This is introspective and exhilarating for us.


We practice within a hands-on, research based creative studio environment. The client and collaborators are engaged in an ongoing dialogue right from the start. Our collaborative design model draws on relationships and expertise in our multi-disciplinary network locally and internationally, to bring talent and knowledge resources specific to the project through charettes, workshops and peer reviews. We believe this encourages “out of the box” thinking, learning and open communication which challenges us and our pre-conceived notions.


We integrate both analog and digital media techniques in our process to provoke design ideas. Hand drawings, paintings, collages, physical study models are combined with advanced digital media techniques and parametric computation to bring a high level of experimentation, optimization and efficiency to our process. Embedded within our process is the search to reduce a project’s energy and material footprint through environmentally responsive design solutions. Specifically included within the process for every project is climate analysis, solar studies, energy loads analysis and material research that enhance the performance of the buildings.


The projects presented here are of different scales and typologies, but through their expression, they blur the boundaries between architecture, landscape, urban design, interior design, art and branding. There is no singular reading of our projects. They are meant to evoke unique interpretations and multiple experiences.