The Great Eastern Home -

AREA: 20,000 sq.ft.
STATUS : Construction Document Phase


Creation of an alternate world of luxury with juxtapositions of the old with the contemporary.

Team : Sarika Bajoria, Madhumita Srivastava, Bijan Hagnegahdar, Matteo Minchilli, Tosha Jagad, Rahul Sawant, Ryan Griffin, Akshata Prabhu


Great Eastern Home is a 20,000sf high end flagship lifestyle store located in Dubai showcasing antique and traditional furniture and accessories spanning different parts of the world and time periods. Our design integrates the disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Branding, Exhibit Design, Art, Sculpture and Graphic Design to create a compelling experience of waterways, journey and destinations that the brand is emblematic of. The brand logo constitutes nine fish which was conceptually expanded to an overarching maritime theme of exploration, travel and discovery for the design of the store.

We creatively transformed the existing three industrial warehouse site of two floors to create a flagship lifestyle destination for Dubai and a very unique user experience. We reinterpreted the client’s existing program elements into carefully planned destination spaces to showcase special hand crafted signature pieces which became focal dramatic spaces dispersed throughout the store and the ceremonial passages to them were used to visually merchandize accessories in unexpected ways.

The long façade consists of circular display windows reminiscent of portholes and a contemporary continuous “cornice” that constitutes a series of inverted chairs. An oversized chair visible from different parts of the city, forms a dramatic entry for all the cars and customers.

Our design intent is to create an “alternate world of luxury” with juxtapositions of the “old” with the “contemporary”. The brand narrative gradually reveals itself from the façade to the interiors through the strategic choreography of the sequence of spaces, a movement from small compressed spaces to large double height voids. The dramatic entry foyer has large water body showcasing large signature pieces and mosaic mural on the water bed custom designed by us. Three double height atrium spaces become special “courtyards” that maximize sight lines and creatively display merchandise with a heightened sense of drama. All the display fixtures for furniture, accessories and lighting were custom designed in our studio. In addition, custom fabric, wall covering, floor tiles, patterns and environmental graphics were designed by us for focal display areas.