Ficus Fine Living Branding and Prototype -

Ficus Fine Living Branding and Prototype, India and the Middle East


We designed this lifestyle brand and its stores to embody “Fine Living” for custom lifestyles. Each design element, be it display systems, furniture, wallpaper, screens, creates the experience of the brand narrative - creating the ideal “home” for its clients.

Team : Sarika Bajoria, Madhumita Srivastava, Faezeh Arefnazari, Tosha Jagad, Dilip Mistry, Yamini Kumar


“Ficus Fine Living” a new international lifestyle brand showcasing hand crafted furniture and accessories for the home, wanted to launch their brand in the retail market in India and the Middle East.  Sarika Bajoria Unlimited worked collaboratively with the client to develop an inventive vision and narrative which would be translated and integrated across different scales of brand design elements to showcase their products creatively and create a compelling experience for its clients. Our design innovatively integrated the disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Brand design, Visual merchandizing, Art, Sculpture and Graphic Design to create the spatial experience, materiality, display systems, wallpaper, screens, furniture, products and environmental graphics.


The concept was derived from the name “Ficus”, a genus of tropical fig trees, which represented the tag line “Fine Living” to also mean bring in green elements and textures to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior. Everyday elements of the home –  garden, shell, doors, windows, chairs are reappropriated to create custom display systems, cabinets and millwork for the store. Sculptural tree focal display systems were designed for signature products.  A kit of parts design system was thoroughly developed to its smallest details, which could be reassembled in different integrated and creative ways to functionally work with different store locations and sizes. The brand motifs of the tree, birds and figs are expressed in different aspects and scales in the wallpapers, screens, signage, illustrations, display and lighting which were custom designed in our studio.